Hello, I’m Jim Kitts, the founder of Warehouse Whisper. I have held roles in operations and engineering for over 25 years. My journey has taken me across North and Central America, Europe and Asia, designing and improving fulfillment operations. I am passionate about helping others, which is why I created this site.

Throughout my career I have been surround by great leaders who developed me in many different ways. Some gently and others aggressively. Through these blogs, I will share those lessons with you while mixing in a little humor. These are my opinions based on my experiences, right or wrong, good or bad. Let’s go!

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In the bustling world of e-commerce profits, where convenience meets rapid delivery, businesses constantly seek strategies to streamline operations. However, hidden costs can significantly erode your bottom line. 

From unexpected shipping fees to inventory accuracy. These unseen expenses can quietly consume a substantial portion of your revenue, often without warning. 

We’ll show you where to look for potential savings.

Ever feel like you’re constantly chasing down tasks in your warehouse? Let’s figure out how to work smarter and not harder, if you want to get better.

Do you want to know why your 5S program is failing miserably? This blog will explain why your accountability approach isn’t going to work.

This blog post is direct and to the point with satire included. If you are uninterested in strong opinions or language, it is best to skip this blog post. 

Warehouse Whisper Site Organization

We create all of our content in house with image creation using Artificial Intelligence – because let’s be honest, who wants to see more pictures of a warehouse? The content is divided into seven sections. They are:


This section discusses warehouse layout and space planning, design best practices, product flow necessities, and personnel flow. We’ve also added blogs about racking and shelving options, mezzanine usage, and office space inside and outside the warehouse. We provide everything you need to know about setting up your warehouse.


We cover warehouse best practices, including WMS options and setup, inbound and outbound planning tools, location types and sizes, SKU slotting with ABC analysis, inbound strategies, storage elements, picking best practices including bulk or non-conveyable products, case picks, each picks, and reserve picks.


Everyone is looking to reduce warehouse costs, especially in our current economy. After surviving the challenges of the Great Recession in 2008, we would classify ourselves as an experts in cost management. From measuring the right KPIs to using Lean and Six Sigma to reach stretch goals, we have a lot to share.


Most people have no idea how much capital resides in a warehouse. From cell phones and TVs, apparel, and home goods, there’s a lot of investment in your hands. Are you using the right technology to handle this responsibility?


One of our most important topics is making your operation a Great Place to Work. Blog articles in this section include safety, housekeeping and organization, associate engagement, warehouse management, leadership hires, associate hires, and warehouse training.


Discover how the logistics landscape is transforming in 2024 with unstoppable technology. Learn where cutting-edge technology meets efficiency, reshaping the future of supply chains forever.

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